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About our company

Dear visitors of this store Welcome.

Perhaps the company logo K MAROUSIS the "oldest" to remind a lot, and several of them simultaneously, perhaps wondering what happened to our company.

Let's take things from the beginning.

Company K MAROUSIS created in 1948 by Konstantinos, Maroussis.

Truly self-made founder of K MAROUSIS, then decided to start the difficult for our country years after they had gone two years or since the end of ills that we had as a people since the Second World War.

The beginning was simple. From a small shop on the road Patission.

The years passed and Konstantinos Maroussis with unique weapons of the trust were the merchants of the time, but the insight, he began slowly expanding and established at the shirt industry. 

Patission Street shop grows in 1955 the company's second store on Panepistimiou Street is a fact.

In the meantime, and began to make its appearance and its first small factory of our company at  Maizonos street. A small but enough factory shirts which contributed greatly to get the initial and nesesary knowledge for the know-how in manufacturing men's shirts.

"FASHION QUALITY PRICE" was the motto of our company at that time. which combined with his love of the people, has established us in the consumer consciousness for at least 4 decades.

Also one of the products contributed to the rapid growth of K MAROUSIS, was the half ready suit. That suit which was about on the body of the client according to the specifics of his body.

Even today the patented invention is that the Ministry of Commerce.

The whole course of K MAROUSIS which until 1974 comprised 10 stores throughout Greece, was impressive thanks to the love of the people and thanks to the quality of products offered.

But because in all our lives, nothing is strewn with rose petals in 1974, our company suffered the first fire in its path-history. Complete destruction by fire in one of the shops had in the center of Athens.

Before he had time to recover from the first fire, 7 years later in 1981 comes the second hit in exactly the same way.

The "older" may still remember the notorious fire department store happened at "Minion" and "KATRANTZOS." Stores.

The building of “KATRANTZOS” was belonged to our company, which had kept the half floor sales area exclusively for men’s shirt and ties

The final blow came in 1991.And this time by fire during the course of events in the center of Athens on the occasion of the murder of Professor N. Temponeras in Patras.

The company's store at Panepistimiou Street like the whole building is completely destroyed.

You will wonder who bothered to read the text for this deal was what our company after all these terrible disasters from the Greek state and the rulers thereof.


What we do today.

Today, despite all the adversity that we have gone as people and as a company, with great effort and great struggle trying to be born again from the ashes and make us once again that our first steps today 'exploited' the web, we declare our presence both physical and online.

The physical shop is located on the 129 number of  Mesogeion street and if you wish to visit us the access to us is easy as we are only 200 meters across from the Metro Station "Katehaki" and also Next to stop "Police Academy" where there stop the buses, 046, B5, A5, X95.

Come to meet us again from the beginning.

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